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This is what I call, DIY - Unassisted Home birth of Lotus-Alaya Lavyndur Tookes 7/11/09


I'm gone....

...But I'm here. I've decided to take a hiatus from political blogging. I think I've said all that needs to be said and I know that as long as the world spins, politics will continue, but now I've decided to take to the sociological and anthropological scopes for a while.

Here is the blog: Garage Sociologist

Hope to see you there!



This blog is now defunct. Due to personal, mental and spiritual crisis, I no longer have the passion or desire to write about the things I love. I don't want people to continue wasting their time coming here, but I will leave the blog up for those who just want to come by and get info or ideas.

I want to thank everyone who has come to this site and support it. Thank you.

But please visit my man, Ernesto Aguilar's blog, here:



Tuesday, August 11, 2009
6:00am - 11:00pm

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For information on how to organize a vigil in your community, visit

Since the military coup -- after more than 40 days of tireless efforts by thousands of farmers, women, indigenous people, teachers, students, unionists and ordinary citizens of the cities and the countryside to revert it and to recover democracy and dignity -- the repression by the School of the Americas trained military and the coup plotters has not notched the fighting spirit of the heroic Honduran people.

This struggle has now entered a crucial phase as the National Front of Resistance Against the Coup d'Etat and the farmers movement have summoned the social, union and democratic movements to a National March that began on the 5 of August and will culminate on August 11 in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.

In support of this National March, we call you to participate in a "Global Day of Action for Honduras", which will take place on Tuesday, August 11, 2009. We seek to support strong solidarity efforts in carrying out political and cultural mobilization, concrete actions, and political pressure and lobbying, as well as any and all possible activities that help advance the Honduran popular resistance in defeating this military coup.

For information on how to organize a vigil in your community, visit

Please contact Jake at SOA Watch at to inform us about your plans of action and work for the "Global Day of Action for Honduras" as soon as possible.

Globalize Hope! Globalize the Struggle!



This morning the sudden traffic to this blog coming from infoshop caught my eye and knowing that this much traffic from a bunch of @s from an @ site probably can't be good, I tracked back to one of the links to find that some dude called @ndy copied and pasted the response segment from my post, Regarding the Events This Weekend" on his blog and some anonymous poster posted the statement on infoshop. It was on infoshop where I learned that there is now a caution on the statement written by Elliott Liu and Harjit Singh Gill that it should only be passed around on APOC listservs and NOT on Anarchist sites. When I received the statement in a conversation elsewhere, I did not take it as an internal document to be passed around privately, and so out of respect for the authors, I took down the post.

I did not include Harjit's and Elliot's statement in the post to be for any reason other than to lend some context to the original post that contained the actions of a few APOCs who 'evicted' crimethInc people. The context being that since APOC is a decentralized movement, the actions of one or a group of them do not represent all of APOC. So it would be good to post an alternative perspective of the actions from another anarchist of color.
Since I am no longer on the APOC listserv, I have no idea if the dialog got hot between those who supported the action and those who did not and somehow, the statement by Elliot and Harjit would be seen as divisive in some way or APOC list members decided that further distribution of the statement needed to just be restricted to APOC listservs and so they added the caution at the beginning of the piece that it be an internal document. Either way, I took it down and I do apologize to those involved.


The Easiest Punch to Deliver is at Arms' Length

This post was formerly titled, "When PoMo Ideologue-botism Goes Wrong" , but I realize that now after somewhat getting to into flame war with someone I did not know over an ideological spat that (on paper) I should have cared less about, I was only striking at that person or some one I set up to be an amalgam of all that has annoyed me about anarchist/let circles in that past six years, therefore doing what was easiest; attacking

I was included on a Facebook thread where the original poster was trying get myself and others to dialog about what we would like to see the political tendency known as Anarchist People of Color become and what it should focus on in the wake of a event that transpired last weekend between a group of APOCs and a gathering of mostly white anarchists organized by a group called crimethinc.

What had taken place on the night of the last day or two of the event was as these these group of APOCs called, an eviction. Where they basically threw out the participants of the CrimethInc convergence and their things. Knowing these people would never call the pigs, it all happened amongst a whirlwind of emotions and grandstanding; a pathetic display of where the revolutionary elements are in this day and age where it's easier to attack each other than those who are truly in power and those who truly uphold sexism, white supremacy, and imperialism. Anyway, as you can see from my last paragraph, and how easy it is for me to not answer the original question posed to me from the thread creator on Facebook, I went in that direction; attacked instead of offering a positive answer as to could be or should be manifested in how a movement (in this case, APOC) can best become an effective social-changing force.

If pressed, on that question in general, of what I would like to see a revolutionary movement become I'd have to say any or all political ideological movements should be focused on organizing and or teaching organizing to those who are at the master's end of the whip; the working class of color (by organizers of color) and the working class in general. This work would manifest in ways from coalition building from wage equality for women, politicizing unions – AGAIN(!), coalition building around police brutality cases and prison work, even getting a traffic signal put up, etc.
Sounds basic, vanguardist, and yes, even done before, but that's all I see right now and that is all I'd be interested in. Notice how 'radical' elements among us have drifted from that so much so, that the pedantic things I've proposed come to my mind as essential?
Why? Because it hasn't been done in a long time. Too many conferences, convergences, essay writing, workshops, group therapy sessions, theorizing, and class attending are now all the playthings of radicals today.....oh, and calling out the XYZism on “whoevers' shit” – that's an even bigger hit these days. So the vacuum left now is the basic work that is left but work needed the most because that has been left alone for quite some time.

One last thing on CrimethInc and the white supremacy in left/anarchist circles

If I were asked what do you do about a white-dominated convergence that takes place in a gentrifying neighborhood, or a working class neighborhood bordering with a gentrified neighborhood (still not clear on the facts on that detail) where at mentioned convergence there was a workshop on race jokes, and other forms of ultra-hip white anarchist coolness, I would have to say, "I don't know."
A gathering like that would certainly get my annoyance and I'd definitely give a spirited “Fuck you” to any of those white anarchists who attended who wold get my face because as typical of white folks to invade a space where working people or people of color live because it's either cheap, cops won't fuck with them, and dammit, because they CAN. But I would never look to a violent conflict like what happened to CrimetInc in Philly as even remotely useful or liberating unless the bankers, real estate developers, Wall street workers, and cops whose hands are deep in every poor neighborhood are to be evicted as quickly and effectively as a bunch of crusty white @ punx. But then for that to happen you'd need a mass movement organized and educated wouldn't you? And that's too much work, isn't it comrade?

But to the REAL reason that I write on the issue of the arms' length-victim besides my own negative actions in participating in the Facebook thread, have to do with what troubles me most – black gender conflicts as mirrored from real life on the Internet. You see, my old comrade misteek08 and others have been dealing with real messages of hate from black males who have been expressing the most vile sentiments aimed at black women based on the most preposterous arguments to justify these attacks. Black women are portrayed as bitter b*tches ho are ignorant, always wanting to “fuck thugs”, or “just white guys” with no statistics to back their sorry arguments up. These men, mostly from the Blackmen Vent site as represented on youtube, blogtalk radio, or on various blogs, never talk about the real threats aimed at black people in general or black males in particular – since that's who they claim top advocate for.

They consistently attack feminism/womenism, and black women in general as if these are the main forces out to get black males without facts to back them up, yet they don't look to actual statistics and facts that lend to the disproportionate amount of black males in prison and that it's economics that lands them there- not black women or that black women or rather, women of color internationally who make up the worlds poor in the face of Globalization and still stand to be the primary targets of violence as the results imperialism and historically by colonialism.

These self-hating morons will not Vlog or podcast about the deaths of Sean Bell or Oscar Grant let alone talk about the system that has made it safe for the murder of these black men to happen without punishment. Dialog with these fools could happen, but I'd rather see black males who are not afraid to be allies to black women by first listening to black women, understand and learn what they are struggling with day-to-day such as systematic sexism, street harassment, economic apartheid aimed at women by using biology as a weapon (abortion constantly under attack by the American right-wing as well as the ruling 'left'), and and just being all-out supportive. I would like to see both genders and all sexualities represented in our diaspora mentoring our children in these issues as well and strengthening our young women by encouraging them to empower themselves in the face of discrimination by embracing a warrior's culture instead of being a perpetual victim.

So I seek to reach out and build with those closest to me rather than strike at those closest to me and if I cannot do that, then I'll keep my hands to myself until I can get it together to do the former.


Latino Grandfather, Pregnant Woman Tasered


Video: Gentrification, Anarchism, Community Organizing


Nigger Day for Henry

Dave Chappelle Stand Up - Scared Of The Police - Click here for more amazing videos

Sometimes you gotta have a nigger day. That day is the day that reminds you - a person of color, a woman, or a LGBT person of the society that you are living in and while there may be milestones set in our culture and society by the margianlized, we will never be free until a real global revolution fixed on elimination the "'isms" that bind most most of us.

Henry Louis Gates, with all his letters and books, and degrees, his appearances speaking for and against black folk found himself having a Nigger Day - in his own goddamn house! I hope this bursts your bubble, Skip before you drift into your occasional neocon stances as you like to do when it suits you.


US Lobbyists with Clinton Ties Hired to Defend Honduran Coup Regime


Caught these dudes at Afropunk festival on the 4th.


Article by Pablo Ouziel - Waking Up Is Hard to Do

The article can be found here.

I like this part the most:

...In the Western world - the bastion of democracy - we console ourselves with the thought that we are free, we refer to ourselves as members of the free world and compare our free societies with tyrannies that govern in other parts of the planet.

This we justify by the fact that our elected officials have reached the podium through an electoral system of some kind, thus in effect being representatives of our interests as citizens.

It can be argued that this is a fair assumption, as long as we conduct our field research in a laboratory, but if we engage with members of the numerous sub-communities, which exist within the boundaries of delineated Nation States, we quickly realize that there is tremendous discontent and frustration brewing amongst the population.

At the same time, there exists in our societies a sense of impotence and fear that if the boat is rocked, things will get worse....

Read the rest and tell me what you think. I'm down with Mr. Ouziel's argument.


Iran Election Protest Anthem - Michael Jackson

The two things on my mind lately. I'm still not clear nor am I gonna lose sleep over the ideological purity of those who are being attacked in the streets of Iran, but I'm posting this powerful video and saying that I do care about those standing up for themselves against a corrupt and oppressive regime.



On March 29th I felt a weird rushing. It was not my heart, or my pulse but like my brain and everything else was in high gear s if I was speeding and all I was doing was sitting down. The wierd sensations came and went throughout the following month.

My doc wasn't sure what to make of it, but he said that now was as good a time to think seriously about my health. The amount of bp meds I've been taking for the past seven years could kill the average person and they weren't helping to bring my bp down. During this time I had finals breathing down my neck and family issues also began to distract me among other things.

A week later I joined New York Sports Club and I haven't quit since. My work out is four times a week, I've lost 18+ lbs,, and I've been feeling way better. The problem is, I do my routine during my lunch break when I usually write the blog around that time. So here I am, trying to figure out a new routine to write the blog since I've now regained mental clarity and intellectual energy to write more. I apologize to all those who have visited this blog and wondered what happened to me. I'm not dead, but if I didn't listen to my body or remind myself of how young my mother was when she passed, who knows where I'd be today?
|There are Iranians out in the streets fighting for the basic right such as not to have their voice stolen from them. It is also clear that the reactionary, women-oppressive regime is no longer tolerated amongst them. Who am I to sit as a privileged westerner behind a keyboard and go out like a punk?

Tune in for dear readers. I will write more. That is a promise, and thank you.


Oh Look, a Yet Another REAL criticism of Obama

Not having to do with the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, or Roswell, Counter Punch has something real to offer in a real criticism of the current administration.


Checking In: My Facebook Friend Tim Wise wants to know.....,

"'s that whole 'capitalism' thing working out for ya?"
That was the highlight of my day today. Just had to share.

Checking in

I will be posting part two of Protest of the Reactionaries soon; I just had midterms to deal with. Part two has more to do with the so-called 'Tea Parties' led by that piece of shit, Rick Santelli and other assorted goons and mindless drones of the Right. Their attempts at aping what they perceive in their addled little brains as the Left's exercise when we protests, are nothing more than lame media productions of a bunch of marionettes whose strings are pulled by the ruling class in their own attempts at protesting the amount of attention being brought to the plain and simple truth; capitalism is not the answer, it did not 'win' in the late 80s/early 90s in the face of the fall of the failed Stalinist states, and capitalism, if anything is indeed dying and dead. So these 'Tea Parties' "peopled", if you will by angry suburban moms, floor traders, and rednecks (Rick Santelli's 'America') amount to battered spouses standing outside of a jail with placards demanding the police to release their batterers.

Speaking of which, there is a new viral being circulated amongst the Right and the PUMAsphere (the Right's front 'movement'). It's called The Obama Deception and is a new creation of Alex Jones. From having suffered watching this piece of shit, all Jones does is string along the typical incidences politicians who don't keep campaign promises, critiques of Obama by the Left and Right, and basic expressions of mistrust of both, Republicans and Democrats by general populists like Jesse Ventura, KRS-One, and Willie Nelson, then Jones ties all of the strings at old conspiracy chestnuts like that of the Trilateral Commission and Banker Oligarchies.

Don't get me wrong, what KRS-One and Ventura say are spot-on as far as who politicians truly represent or their role in ruling class rule, and Jesse is a great source of referral when you want to hear a comparison to professional wrestling and campaigns for election. But I have to wonder if any of these guys knew who was interviewing them and why.

The reason why activists and thinkers on the left; particularly Marxists, Socialists, or Anarchists blow off conspiracy theories as the type that Alex Jones peddles is because it clouds that clear path to who controls capital and who brings the suffering to billions all over the world and the clear answer as to how to stop it. Those who are supposedly 'speculating' or coyly posting Alex Jone's tripe are not serious thinkers or activists. They are frightened people or intellectually lazy people at best who fear the real truths - that there are no 'good' rulers or honest capitalists and that we need a paradigm shift that take us us away from that rosy dream and to the harsh reality of the work ahead of us to build a just world of real equality, egalitarianism, selfless society and culture building. Period.
Conspiracy nuts are the junk food lovers after a good night of getting toasted; it feels good and you feel free as long as that haze of conspiracy is covering your eyes.

Alex Jones's followers are in denial of the plain solution that a system that perpetuates the hierarchy of the rich over the real producers and a system that perpetuates "capital as (false) freedom" is needed to be done away with and it takes a revolution to do so.
Obsessing over 'following the money' only leads to even a more twisted road and takes one further away from the true and simple path; follow the money and it leads those who rule the industrialized nations and how they run our lives. Whodunit schemes are irrelevant the question is, what do you want to see in place of the ruling class? That's an answer that conspiracy nuts and jackoffs like Alex Jones cannot nor will not ever answer and as long as his ilk cannot do that, then they need to be on the ignore list and those who are just continuing their sour grapes reflecting, "Waauugh, McCain/Hilary/Palin didn't win!" are just spinning their looopy, looney wheels.

Also I want to thank my man, E for the punch in that arm and the kick in my ass to write more here. That was needed and thank you, brother. And peace to the following comrades:



Field Negro

Renegade Eye

And no peace to Digital"my existance is validated by my echo chamber of Right wing Sheeple and heavy comment traffic" Publius who is acting like a good sub and being meek and quiet as he is told. Try coming back here and acting up, then talk shit on your blog again.



Protest of the Reactionaries Part 1: Attack of the Bottom Feeders and Wannabes

Last night, I enjoyed a bit of S&M porn of the humiliation variety. The flick didn’t have leather-bound paddles or forced golden shower scenes. Instead this porn had weeping rednecks, weeping red-baiting soccer moms, weeping Race-baiting preachers, weeping toothless conspiracy theorists, and on toothless, self-hating porch simian who defended the lot’s open hatred of the Obama campaign by pointing out how the racism of the north is somehow worse than the racism of the south.
The pornographer was Alexandra Pelosi and her HBO flick which should be on HBO's iNDEMAND was called, Right America: Feeling Wronged.
If you like to witness emotional pain such as myself, and rapture in the scintillating images of burly Charlie Daniels clones crying like hurt boys who just walked in on daddy riding Uncle Buck’s bronco in momma’s heels at the sheer thought of a black man in the White House, then you will enjoy this voyeuristic snuff film as Pelosi takes us on the campaign road to meet the bottom-believers of the American Right.

The movie tracks the general campaign from it’s latter-half rife with the passions of a KKK rally, to election night where you see the horror struck faces of those who embraced the Barracuda of Alaska and Mr. “Straight Talk” as Barack Obama accepts his nomination as POTUS.
Throughout this film we see the very people who are just as exploited by the rulers of the Global North as the citizens of Third ward, San Salvador, or Dhaka, defending the ruling class and it’s system of profits over people. While most of them cling on to what little hard-fought benefits they have in the workplace and not know why, they rail about the supposed ‘socialist’ with terrorist ties (Who knew and had business ties with the Bin Ladin family again?). The issue is that the ruling class needs people like these, the true believers with the wool pulled over theirs as to who their real enemies are and what worse, they are the blind being lead by another faction of right-wingers mostly MSM pundits like Rick Santelli or bloggers who take on the sick role of an enabler in an abusive relationship where the victims (the weeping rednecks) are told that, “It’s ok if you lost you lost your job because the company your entire town worked wanted to maximize it’s profits by reducing your wages, busting your unions, or cutting your health benefits; that’s just the way the rich roles. Be glad that they are in our lives”.
Like the one sibling who didn’t catch the beatings as the other sibling did or the mother of the male abuser of his spouse, these enablers function in the same way, but will always be firm on affirming that, “Anything is better than the socialist solution” meme.

Now we have a Centrist Democrat with a pulse in office and the right-wing drones shriek ‘bloody murder’ and cry 'Bolshevik!' But hey, no one is more open and honest in their ignorance of all things left, or history, or religion, or life, or...fuck it, they don't know shit about anything - No one is more open and honest in their ignorance than a reactionary piglet.

The typical pro-capitalist right-winger views class this way: that those own businesses, property, and controls finances are the “producers” and rightful owners of the Earth and those who are not (the payers or rent that make land lords rich, the consumers of crap that make companies’ profits and most importantly, all of us who work to keep business, landlords and bank owners rich) are the bottom feeders and in Rick Santelli’s view point, it was the wannabes who messed everything up with the economy. Us wannabes who wanted to ‘feel’ rich even though we are not and dared to buy homes we couldn’t afford or buy creature comforts we can’t pay for – it was all our fault!!
While some responsibility does rest on the individual to avoid making the mistakes outlined in Santelli’s rant, the reality is that Santelli, just like everyone one else are using the working class’ “buying into” the American dream as a scapegoat and strawman to distract us from the truth; that all the cards of the markets have been played and that this is the beginning of world economic crisis. Joel Geier of the International Socialist Review outlines the cause of the effect of the crisis thusly:

“…As Karl Marx pointed out many years ago, capitalist crises do not come about because of a shortage of goods or crop failures, but because of overproduction. This overproduction is not overproduction of things that are needed by people, but overproduction in terms of what can be sold profitably on the market. If products cannot be sold profitably, whether they are physical commodities or debt securities, profits cannot be realized, and the system goes into crisis, as lending and investment seize up. Workers are laid off, plants are closed, and the banks go bust, in a downward spiral. Capitalism’s only way out of the crisis is by lowering labor costs (wage-cutting) and the massive devaluation of capital, as businesses are destroyed and surviving capitalists swallow up the weaker businesses on the cheap.”

Have we not seen this before?

Geier goes on to say:
…There has already been an enormous destruction of capital. In the last number of months, more than $7 trillion has been wiped off the U.S. stock market. Indeed, $1.1 trillion was wiped out in a single day on October 15. As of mid-October, $27 trillion had been erased from stock markets worldwide. Housing values in this country have already declined by $5 trillion; pension funds by $2.5 trillion; and bank write-offs are now at $600 to $700 billion and expected to be $1.4 trillion. Large, conservative, seemingly stable companies have disappeared. Lehman Brothers, which had been capitalized at $30 to $40 billion, has gone bankrupt, and AIG, which until a few months ago was capitalized at between $150 and $200 billion, required a $123 billion lifeline from the government to survive. This has led to a massive credit crunch. Banks and other financial institutions now no longer trust each other not to totter and collapse underneath the weight of toxic debt, and refuse to lend to each other, producing a credit meltdown affecting the entire global financial system.”

Of course this article was written before the stimulus package, but it doesn’t matter – the crisis will deepen. While it is true that global economic growth was sweeping in recent years, much of it was fueled by borrowed investment and now the bottom has fallen out – what is there left to do when you cannot pull another trick card out of your sleeve, and there are no answers on how capital will fix itself? Trot out your Rick Santellis, Jim Kramers, and others and what you will get is endless scapegoating and smoke screens to hide the truth that capitalism doesn’t save everyone in fact, it only saves the 1-5% who truly rule this society.

The real Wannabes

The real wannabes and enablers deflect blame from the ruling class as they as they remain ignorant; never learning, or caring about the actions that the ruling class commit with Washington acting as it’s proxy, setting the stage for (among other things) wage-slave labor in South Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa. This is the way the American ruling class makes its real paper, not gas station owners.

So what stakes does the average right-wing drone have in defending the failures of a system that ensures inequality and the reaping of the Earth’s resources while human life is trampled in the process? None, I guess other than a piece of mind that will sooth their own fears of a failing economic system that cannot rescue us from the coming crisis.
They aren’t the ones controlling the global finances but can’t wait to defend those who do. They are the epitome of what true losers are; one who will never be those who they try so hard to emulate.
never become those who you defend.

-written by someone who is to syntax, as Jason is to camping Teenagers or Coltrane was to notes. GFY, Digital Publius.

Who Caused the Great Crash of 2008?


It's Gettin' Old School Out There

When I was a young and impressionable laddie, I found this made-up magazine on the Westhiemer bus called Maxim Rock 'n Roll. By this time I was bored with Hardcore, but I really liked the Op-ed columns and articles that covered politics ranging from the national and international stage (MMR's format, I would later learn was known as a 'zine - a homemade magazine, just like what we see today in the form of blogs).

One of the many articles that politicized me and fueled my passions dealt with homelessness and squatting. Before the Thompskin Square park revolt, I was reading about one of the essential forms of anti-authoritarian/anarchist activism; squatting. Busting into an abandoned house/building, fixing it up, and living there. At this time, MSM had only began using the term, 'homelessness' daily in the context of and epidemic and it made me angry that so many families were out in the street while there were so many foreclosed homes boarded up and not having anyone to live in them. You know, all the foreclosed homes during THAT OTHER ECONOMIC CRISIS under Reagan that everyone pretended wasn't happening? Anyway, the article went on to cover how different groups or individuals would break into places and live in them and of course, these groups would eventually organize to help others find a place to live.

It is a basic human right that people should have a place to live under any circumstance and with that, I want to give a hat tip to E for posting this RaceWire article on his facebook page and of course, I wanna give a hat tip to Michelle Chen and RaceWire for the article. Click here.

Also, this piece is a good, but short read.


Welcome to Democracy and Freedom, Kids!

Your school is not your school. It is a place where they take your tuition, enjoy prestige, and invests in undemocratic institution, governments, and enterprises while taking homes away from working class people and workers of color in a ever increasing quest to "expand". Do want to see that change? Then divest yourself from the school.

NYU Protest is Ended by Police Shut-Down

This post is not in anyway, a criticism or attack on the activists, but pointing out some short comings; lack of outreach it seemed towards "The rest of us" who could have supported them, a clear agenda (it took me more than 45 minutes in my own research to get a clear idea of what their points of unity were. But we live and learn.


Article from Mask of Anarchy

I can't even believe this shit - I'm actually going to write about the black gender battles of youtube. But in the meantime, chew on why most right-wingers always seem to get Chavez and Venezuela wrong. Article below:

The Chavez Deceit

Once more, large sections of the media are representing the referendum in Venezuela in a very dubious light. The Observer's headline says much about the angle that they are taking:


WOW! Is this the beginning?

An article written by Eric Ruder found on Socialist Worker gives us some insight as to why Obama and other world leaders are truly desperate to quell the rightful anger of those of us who have no safety net in the face of an economic crisis.

Revolt is in the air

by Eric Ruder

The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression is throwing countries across Europe into turmoil--and spurring struggles unseen in years. Eric Ruder looks at what the future may hold.

THE FINANCIAL turmoil that began in the summer of 2007 in the U.S. is spreading around the globe with frightening speed and devastating consequences for working people.

The bursting of the bubble in the U.S. housing market in the summer of 2007 was the catalyst for full-blown economic crisis in country after country in Europe.

Now, the economic disaster is sparking mass protest and revolt on a scale not seen in two decades.

Read the rest here.


A Brotherkomrade Valentine’s Day Special: Crushing a School Girl Crush

“…..he hits women, and your mother and I have discussed this, so no more Chris Brown in the house”.

“None of his videos will be watched, none of his music will be purchased because he hit a woman and thought that it would be ok to do so.”

Navah looked over at her mother, but we both agreed that it would be better for me, her father, a man to let her understand that violence against women must never be tolerated.
“Would you like it if I hit your mother, then went on to engage with a public that thought I was a great guy as they continued to shower me with money? Yes, your mother and I fight and we get heated, but do I would never go there. I grew up with that kind of violence around me, Navah and it is never ok to hit a woman.”

Navah stood up, arms spread to further plead her case. “But daddy, we don’t know if that’s the truth.” “It is”, I interrupted. “And this is where behavior like Chris’s is either ignored or excused. We, as a community must take violence against women seriously. So much so, that we need to show him that behavior like this cannot go on rewarded with purchases of his “work”, viewing of his videos or his retar - uh..his movies.”

And with that, she stormed out of the living room. I felt good doing my duty as a revolutionary parent. Next, Miley Cyrus.

The End


This is not what Socialism Looks Like

The past two weeks have been interesting; first I encountered a black woman who happens to be a blogger and is a conservative. She goes by the name of Conservative Black Woman posted on Field Negro’s blog in response to a sad and horrible post regarding a young man who was murdered by thugs. As always, right-wingers, specifically cultural conservatives liken to scapegoat the ills of society on lack of morals instead of what creates those ills. Though this issue leads to another blog post, upon reading her blog further, and the fact that I haven’t visited a right-wing or PUMA blaog in months, I finally had to respond to the growing wave of the reactionary line that somehow, Obama and his stimulus bill is Socialist.
First, all the right-wing sites keep referring to that living piece of shit, Dick Morris’s piece, The Obama Presidency’ Here Comes Socialism. I read it and thought it was laughable. A lot like the Newsweek piece. All one has to do is read Obama’s plan and see the glaring similarities to TARP as initiated under Bush was.

In my first attempt to deal with the Obama-as-Socialist myth, I appeared on Conservative Black Woman’s show radio show that airs on Blogtalk Radio.The beginnings of the program started off clear, crisp, and clean until this asinine porch monkey, Constructive Feedback calls in and basically predominates the conversation with conservative rhetoric about absolutely nothing and therefore derailing the whole point of the show. Admittedly, I could have interjected repeatedly while people talked or screamed over people, but I don’t roll like that. After all I hosted a radio show for five years, and that kind of thing makes for bad radio. So I stuck it out as best I could I also admit that I was rusty as hell. But oh well.

To talk about what Socialism isn’t is to talk about what capitalism isn’t; it is not an all-inclusive system that works for everyone “if they work hard enough” so that one can become a part of the elite – the Rockefellers, The Gates’s and others. Socialism is not out to get mom and pop gas station owners or restaurateurs because these people are most likely not at the level of employing tens of thousands of people creating a sort of dependency on them and their end product most likely is sweated out from the mom and pop. We are talking about the owners of businesses that create textiles, processes natural resources and fabricate materials. This kind of work is produces by scores of workers who most likely get paid less than a quarter of the profits made on the product, yet it is those who don’t sweat at all who reap all the benefits.

The Sad and Deluded

Do you want to know who are the paranoid masses of people who tremble and freak over the word, ‘Socialism’ and why they have a tendency to be the first to defend capitalism even though they most likely will never become one or become a member of the ruling 5%? These people are the Hopefuls, the wannabes, and the apologists. They have been lied to for centuries about how the ‘American way of life’ is about freedom and democracy (when in actuality, if you want to run for any office independently, you have to get thousands of written signatures on a petition or PAY a huge amount of money to get on a given ballot. Doesn’t sound like democracy to me) and they have been told that if they work hard enough, they too can ‘make it’. They defend those who ‘have’ as those who ‘worked’ really hard and earned their wealth and now someone who hates them (Marxists) want to take it all away. It’s not about destroying ANYONE who is rich, but those who have gotten rich off of taking what doesn’t belong to them; land, natural resources, someone’s labor, and the principal that no one deserves to own land, and another’s life and should have the power to manipulate those factors.

Socialism 101

If you run into someone who believes that the larger social class, made up of laborers, farmers, nurses, builders, scientists, tech workers, childcare givers, and caretakers of the elderly should be empowered enough to govern themselves; creating a state that looks out for those who in turn invests in it, resulting in socialized medicine, free education, technology that benefits all users, and abolition of a small class of people who own all land and monies via the subjugation of another class on both a national and international scale, then you pretty much describing, in general, communism. But to get to that social state, there needed to have taken place years of social and cultural battles on all fronts ranging from politicizing those of us who are ignored politically - unless it’s time for an election, to fighting for the gains and benefits that workers have fought for in the past two centuries, and rolling back all the rights that women and people of color have fought to have and in turn will push further fort freedom. This period of struggle would be socialism; the implementing of programs to ensure that we as a society would be clearly on the road to a egalitarian state run by us and not what makes up of today’s ruling class. It is the transition state to whatever a given populace is looking for as a healthy and just alternative to what we have today were a social class of people who make up about 5% of our society has exclusive power over the Earths material wealth and can or will do, and has done just about anything to keep that wealth.

What socialism isn’t

Socialism is not Obama's stimulus package which, if anything, it is a band-aid mainly to quell the anger of the general public over the deepening economic crisis. He, like most politicians operate in the interests of that 5 %, the ruling class, and he is desperate to sooth the markets and populace in order to keep order.
He gave a lot of stern talk supposedly aimed at Wall Street saying that the crisis is “The result of a devastating loss of trust and confidence in our economy, our financial markets, and our government.” But the stimulus package - or at least the components aimed at aiding the credit system contradicts Obama’s finger waving. The proposed solution via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan is to give hundreds of billions of our tax dollars, most of it going to the very banks and corporations that made profits from the policies that brought about the crash of 2008.
The solution, reflects Bush’s rushed deployment commonly known as the bailout just four months ago as the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), which transferred $700 billion in taxpayer funds to the banks. This component of the stimulus package theorized to stave off layoffs and closing of businesses didn’t prevent these things from happening after the first bailout – which is why I think we hear more about the green jobs and other ‘progressive ‘ programs that are also part of the stimulus package; the focus on the actual ‘stimulating’ of the coffers of capitalists is diverted to the usual bones to fight over like Planned Parenthood and the supposed attack on religion (that btw I still can’t find in the main points of the bill, but the right-wingers keep harping on this supposed attack on religion in higher learning institutes) that cultural conservatives and cultural liberals are debating over.

The solution is no different than what Bush or any conservative president would propose as well as any Democrat. They are all in the service of the ruling class and in that light, there is nothing remotely Socialist about the stimulus package.
According to economist Joseph Stiglitz, such measures would "effectively do little more than another bailout," he said in a January 10 interview on National Public Radio. "Unless great care is taken, that kind of program is likely to have very little stimulus." The TARP funding for the lords of finances has done nothing to prevent the disaster it was supposed to stop or slow down back in the fall and I doubt that the stimulus plan of Obama will fare any better in stemming the tide of the economic crisis. TARP failed to prevent “Bloody Monday” of January 26 as job cuts were announced from Caterpillar who eliminated almost a fifth of its global workforce. The company already announced already slated 20,000 workers for layoffs. Home Depot, Sprint Nextel, and other companies announced big layoffs that week.
The crisis is being used to implement policies favorable to corporations that could otherwise not be implemented if the exploited class of ordinary people were in charge. Therefore, and again, there is nothing Socialist about Obama or his plan.

Tax breaks as much as $150 billion to businesses to try to induce them to invest are proposed in the package and reflects that very reason why Obama, Bush, and the rest of Washington think that the bailouts will work: on the HOPES that the banks will continue to loan to keep businesses open and hoping that the private sector will stop with the layoffs. Hoping that someone or something will do right by you or do the right thing is saying you have faith in them. Socialists never have faith in capitalists. In fact, to further sooth the right-wing and Wall Street, Obama’s first Washington press conference to announced that he would move to offset the increase in the federal budget deficit resulting from his stimulus plan by shrinking or eliminating an unidentified number of “social programs” and slashing spending for the core components of what remains as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

This doesn’t sound like socialism to me.


From Critical Resistance: Drop the charges call in and hearings!

Over 130 people have been arrested in connection with protests surrounding the murder of Oscar Grant III. This morning, the first arraignments were to be held for over 30 people charged with misdemeanors and felonies at the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse in Oakland. Charges for 28 individuals charged with misdemeanors were dropped, while one person with a misdemeanor and two people with felonies briefly faced their charges in court today (they will need support in court again on Feb.23rd). The next arraignments for the rest of the people arrested in connection with the Oscar Grant Rebellion are February 9th, 13th, and 17th.

Please stay in contact with us, and support as much as you can-

Again, if you are in the Bay Area- PLEASE COME OUT TO THE COURTHOUSE ON WASHINGTON ON MONDAY, FEB 9th, 13th, 17th & 23rd!

We're still trying to find everyone that has been arrested, and the total number keeps increasing as more demonstrations happen in the streets of Oakland. Please contact us if you were arrested, or know people who were. We need to stay connected in order to support each other.

In solidarity,
Critical Resistance Oakland
510.444.0484 Ext 1


Rabid Pig Alert! Oscar Grant's Muderer

With bail set for Oscar Grant's murderer, Johannes Mehserle at $3 million, he continues to stick to his defense that he was "going for his taser".

Prosecutor, John Creighton has stated that, “If he intended to pull his Taser and pulled his service weapon by mistake, why would he say to another officer after the fact, ‘I thought he was going for a gun’? Why wouldn’t he say, “Oh my God, Tony, I meant to pull my Taser,’ or something to that effect?”.